Terms of service

Refund and money back

Each GameHost client has the right to receive a refund within 24 hours after the first server creation in our database. All returns are made in the way by which the first payment was made. To receive a refund, you need to contact technical support.


You can cancel a paid subscription at any time in your account area. Do not cancel the automatic subscription in your bank account because we cannot and will not be liable for unintentional payments made using the automatic payment banking service.

Limitation of liability

GameHost will not be liable under no circumstances for any loss of data, damage to personal information or the distribution of personal information due to unauthorized access to our servers.

GameHost is not responsible for the delay or shutdown of servers at any unplanned time. We reserve the right to disable paid services to the client in the event of a dispute, despite its outcome.

Technical support

Any questions related to the GameHost service should be asked to the official @support mailbox. The guaranteed correct answer can only be obtained by contacting the official support of this service.

Legal contact

GameHost reserves the right to contact and consult with any legal organization in case of violation of the payment policy or other illegal activities of the client. GameHost has the right to contact any organization that has a license to provide legal and advocacy services.

By purchasing a server from the GameHost company, you are thereby allowed to make any corrections to your server, including changes of plugins, mods and make server updates. Any spoken or written statements about the compromise of our server systems or any other equipment owned by GameHost will be taken seriously and will entail further investigation and possible lawsuits.

After the cancellation of the paid subscription, your servers will be shut down, but the data of your servers will be stored for as long as possible, however, the guaranteed period is not specified. GameHost reserves the right to stop, start and change your server at any time.

Rental Server Terms of Use

We offer our customers unlimited bandwidth and space, but we reserve the right to require that you need to delete an excessively heavy file from the server you rented. We are not responsible for files uploaded by the user, which lead to a hang or make the server inaccessible to the game.

If we find that your server uses any bypass of the restrictions that were issued to you when you purchased any tariff, such as the number of slots or the amount of RAM, your server may be closed without refund.

Instant lock

We can instantly stop the operation of your server without refund if you violate one of the above limitations. We can also close your server on any other reasons if it will be necessary.

Online chatting

You can communicate with us only in electronic form by sending us emails. You agree to receive a message from us electronically, by e-mail.