Acceptable use policy

Non-legal use

GameHost service cannot be used for illegal purposes either or to support criminal activity. GameHost has the right to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and with third-party victims to investigate any crime or find a suspect.


Using the GameHost service to transfer any materials or information by sending an e-mail or placing threats on game servers that indicate bodily harm, violence, destruction or damage to property is strictly prohibited.


Using the GameHost service to publish, post or send any electronic messages on game servers that carry any message of persecuting other people is strictly prohibited.

Impersonating another person

Adding, modifying, or deleting identifying information for the purpose of fraud or misrepresentation is strictly prohibited. Attempting to impersonate another person by forging documents or other identifying documents, or information is strictly prohibited. The use of anonymity or pseudonyms is not your identity.


The use of the GameHost service for fraudulent offers, actions and services to promote any financial fraud, such as “Financial Pyramids”, “Carding”, “Sale of nonexistent goods”, “Micro-loans”, etc. strictly prohibited.

Fraud involves knowingly and unknowingly misleading others for financial gain. Fraud includes an email, an action, a message, a publication that forces the user or player to act in order to financially benefit to the fraudster. Fraud is strictly prohibited, and crimes will be investigated by law enforcement.

We do not bring any responsibility for links, sites, advertising banners and publications that belong to third-party companies or services. If you contact another company in any way to which GameHost does not bring any responsibility, then you do this at your own risk. You also agree that GameHost will not be liable for any resulting from your actions to any other third-party website, service or content.

Hacking accounts

Using the GameHost service for hacking or attempting to access other user accounts, as well as for entering or attempting to penetrate the security system or other GameHost software is strictly prohibited. Any user account whose action is associated with an attempt to penetrate the GameHost system is subject to immediate blocking. If necessary, investigations will be carried out.

Network crash and network hacking

Using the GameHost service for any activity that affects the quality of the Internet connection and operation of GameHost users or other companies is strictly prohibited. This includes DoS attacks that affect another user, another network host, or GameHost. Intervention in the operation or disruption of the servers or overloading the connection is prohibited.

The subscriber of our service cannot, through action or inaction, provide assistance or provide his network for illegal or inappropriate actions. The GameHost service subscriber does not have the right to allow the configuration of his network, or server by means of action, or inaction, so that a third party could use his network illegally.

Unauthorized entry or use of the GameHost user account will lead to instant blocking and further investigation, by involving law enforcement agencies, if necessary.